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Experian Business Credit Reports

Business Profile Report

Presents a current, objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations and comprehensive public record and legal data, conveying not only the company’s ability to pay but also it willingness to pay.

Experian’s Business Profile is created from:

  • Trade and public record information collected from third-party contributors and vendors displaying a company’s actual payment and financial experience. Continuously updated trade data from approximately 330 million trade lines processed annually.  More than 76 percent of the trade data on the Business Profile is current within three months.

  • Courthouse-provided legal data, updated weekly and UCC filings updated biweekly. Historical Payment Guide, tracking improvement, stability or deterioration. Performance trending includes six-month account balance, industry payment comparisons and payment trend indicators, along with significant derogatory public record data, such as bankruptcies, collection accounts, open tax liens, judgments or filings released within the last five years.

  • UCC filings with one or more of the following collateral pledged: accounts receivable, inventory contracts, hereafter acquired property, leases, proceeds, notes receivable.

  • Comparative industry data placing a customer’s payment performance in context with the industry so you can make a more accurate risk assessment and evaluation.

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Business Owner Profile

Small can be big. Just look at the percentages: 90 percent of all U.S. Businesses are classified as “small businesses”. 70 percent of those small businesses are sole proprietorships. One in five of those fall in the first three years of business.

The first of its kind in the commercial credit industry, the Experian Business Owner Profile combines Experian’s expertise in consumer and business credit reporting to give you the most accurate, current and comprehensive business and proprietor credit information available.

The Business Owner Profile gives you:

  • Identifying Information - names and addresses for the proprietor, the business, and any other  employment

  • Summary Data - a quick overview of key elements of the proprietor’s credit risk profile, including year of birth and real estate information individual risk profile - prediction- based on the Experian National Risk Model - of the proprietor entering a seriously derogatory status within two years.

  • General Risk Guidelines  - the classification of all proprietors into one of three risk ranges, as well as major characteristics to determine the probability percentage of a proprietor becoming derogatory within two years.

  • Credit Payment Profile - current payments; loan obligations and delinquent accounts; and a positive, negative or neutral account status

  • Trade Data Lines - account information as reported by creditors

  • Public Record Profile - information about the company’s public records filed with local, regional and state government offices

  • Consumer Statement - appears if the proprietor disputes information reported on his/her consumer credit report

  • File Variation References - shows additional information under different identifiers than those used in the inquiry

  • Inquiries - shows all inquiries on the proprietor within the past 24 months, plus the business category of the inquirer

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Commercial Intelliscore

Is a proven credit risk scoring service, providing credit managers with an easy, quick and cost-effective way to process and monitor business accounts.

Intelliscore features include:

  • A single credit risk score for quick credit decisions

  • Action items, set by you, to apply consistent policy company-wide

  • A percentage ranking of the risk level of the business compared to all other businesses

  • Easy-to-read summary on the business and its owner, if applicable, including trade payment and public record data

Intelliscore is an analytical system that uses advanced statistical models to measure the likelihood of derogatory payment performance. The resulting score easily identifies a business’s credit risk. Set or adjust you credit policy with Intelliscore. You can analyze the profits and losses associated with each score and set your policy to meet your company’s needs.

Intelliscore models are based upon trade, demographic and public record data - proven key risk predictors that lead to more effective and reliable risk management. The Intelliscore report lists key factors that influence the score, including the presence of derogatory public record data, payment performance, credit experience and industry background information.

Intelliscore analyzes each account individually, and based on the unique characteristics of the business upon which you inquired, automatically selects an equation incorporating the most predictive data elements. The appropriate equation increases the predictive power of the model.

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Small Business Intelliscore

Contains integrate information on the personal credit history of a business owner with the credit history of their business to produce a single comprehensive business credit risk score.

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Business Summary

Makes it easy to analyze the most significant factors in a consumer’s credit history. This effective decision support tool contains 17 key calculations from the Credit Profile report, giving you a true picture of a consumer’s debt, monthly obligations and payment history. Profile Summary streamlines the analysis process by: eliminating the need to spend time reviewing the entire Credit Profile report and performs the calculations for you.

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Experian Business  Profile Summary

Helps you reduce future losses by indicating potential exposure to risk. Information contained in the Profile Summary includes:

  • Percent of revolving credit available

  • Date open of oldest trade

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