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Collections Overview 

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Pacific Southwest Credit Association can cover your collection problems virtually anywhere.

The San Diego Credit Association Collection Division is a member of:

  •  The International Association of Commercial Collectors Inc.
  • The California Commercial Collection Association
  • ACA International

Pacific Southwest Credit Association's Collection Control Program

Our collection control program offers a variety of effective services that provide commercial credit grantors with the finest third party collection possible.

Our professionally trained specialists are experienced in the collection of commercial accounts both locally and nationally, and will assist you in reaching the following goals:

  • Minimizing the cost of carrying accounts receivable
  • Reducing bad debt write-off
  • Maximizing profitable sales

Three steps to PAID IN FULL

The Pacific Southwest Credit Association collection control program is a three-step process which begins the moment an account becomes past due.

        Step One - Statement Stickers.

Pacific Southwest Credit Association supplies, free-of-charge, statement stickers which are highly effective when used at the first and second past due aging period.

These stickers clearly identify your company as a member of Pacific Southwest Credit Association, warning slow paying accounts that their line of credit can be affected if payment isn't made.

       Step Two - The Final Notice.

This form, also known as the 10-day free demand, is supplied free of charge to Pacific Southwest Credit Association members. It is normally sent to slow paying accounts at the end of the second past due aging period.

These three-part forms advise your customers that, failing payment within 10 days, the account will be referred to Pacific Southwest Credit Association for collection.

Our name and logo are prominently displayed, and when used correctly, this form will collect a high percentage of your past due accounts.

       Step Three - Personal Collection Service

If your customer has not responded to your in-house procedures or to the Final Notice, Pacific Southwest Credit Association's Collection Division goes to work at once.

Our experienced collectors obtain payment by personal contact with the debtor. They are trained to collect the full amount owing, or to arrange payment as a debtor's situation warrants.

If the debtor does not cooperate, our collectors will review your customer's financial situation and recommend legal action if there is a reasonable prospect of recovery.

Other Services

  Status Reports

One of the key elements of the collection control system is our ability to furnish a complete status report on every claim placed with us for collection.

These reports contain up-to-date comments direct from your collector, and can be automatically mailed out to Pacific Southwest Credit Association members regularly.

  National Coverage

With the resources of over 65 affiliated NACM offices, as well as a large network of other collection agents and attorneys in every major business center in the United States, Pacific Southwest Credit Association can cover your collection problems nationwide.

This national coverage ensures high debt recovery at a lower cost to you.

  Bonded Attorney Service

This service is available when the customer's financial condition or attitude indicates that the account cannot be collected without legal action.

Acting on your instructions, we will forward the account immediately, virtually anywhere, to a bonded attorney who is skilled in commercial collections.