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Business Adjustment Division

The quick, efficient, and cost effective alternative to bankruptcy.

The Business Adjustment Division of Pacific Southwest Credit Association provides a forum and facilities to rehabilitate (if possible) and liquidate (if necessary) the affairs of financially distressed companies, as a viable option to Bankruptcy Court proceedings.

These alternatives are often less cumbersome for all involved, are less expensive--meaning more return to creditors and more money left in the business to regain its footing--and moves more quickly to resolution. Courts can take several months or more to get a reorganization plan started while Pacific Southwest Credit Association can get a plan approved in as little as 30 days.

Most helpful is the knowledge that experienced professionals are ready to step in at the most difficult time. Pacific Southwest Credit Association staff members can serve as secretary to creditor's committees, provide other needed advisory services, and are fully aware of the prevailing laws and regulations relevant to each situation.