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About Us

SAN DIEGO  CREDIT ASSOCIATION is a non-profit member-owned organization which was founded in 1896 and is comprised of commercial business entities In the Pacific Southwest. SDCA is an affiliate of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), a nationwide organization consisting of over 45,000 member companies, making it one of the oldest and largest business organizations in the United States. Members of SDCA are business credit grantors in manufacturing, wholesalers, service industries and financial institutions. Our one objective is to provide commercial credit grantors with the finest business credit services available anywhere.

Business Credit Reports
Business Credit Reports are the keystones that help credit professionals make sound credit decisions. Yet not all business credit reports are "created equal." Some are outdated, while others are based on poor or inadequate research. With a century of experience providing business credit Information to Its members, SDCA has a proven record of service and excellence. One key benefit of SDCA business credit reports is that they are accessible. With today's fast-paced economy and competitive environment, credit decisions must be made quickly. Our reports are available via telephone, fax, or on-line access providing Information within seconds.

Industry Credit Groups
Although our Business Credit Report is superior to any others available, there is still nothing like personal knowledge of a situation. SDCA Industry Credit Groups provide credit executives In the same field of business an opportunity to participate regularly in informative round table discussion of accounts as well as mutual concerns with credit management procedures and techniques.

Collection Division
Our COLLECTION CONTROL PROGRAM offers a variety of effective money producing services to minimize the cost of carrying accounts receivable and maximize profits. Our professionally trained specialists are experienced In the collecting of commercial accounts both locally and nationally. With the resources of over 65 affiliated NACM offices in every major business center in the United States, SDCA can cover your collection problems virtually anywhere. Our members enjoy the free use of Past Due Reminder stickers and Final Demand Notice forms that are provided by the Association. Bonded attorney service is also available when It is necessary to take a claim Into litigation.

Business Adjustment Bureau
The Business Adjustment Bureau, a division of SDCA, provides a forum and facilities to rehabilitate (if possible) and liquidate (if necessary) the affairs of financially distressed companies, as a viable option to Bankruptcy Court proceedings. These alternatives are often less cumbersome for all involved, less expensive, and move more quickly to resolution.

Education and Publications
SDCA offers Its members a wide variety of educational resources, such as class room seminars and correspondence courses that enable them to participate in accredited certificate programs. Also, many publications are available that are excellent resource materials in the field of business credit management.

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